When we started to notice that so many people were struggling financially, we felt the need to do something about it. We feel that the best way that people can be helped is if they a better understanding of finance. This will allow them to be able to make better decisions when they are spending, saving and borrowing and it should lead to them being better off. Therefore, we put together this website as a way to inform and teach people. There is a series of articles which focus on different aspects of finance which will hopefully appeal to everyone. We hope that everyone will be able to find something that will be useful and of interest to them. Then as a result, they will start to think about their finances more and do more research so that they can make sure that they are using the right accounts, borrowing at the right time and spending the right amount for them. It is something which could lead to a might brighter financial future and so we hope that it will help a lot of people. Just start reading and hopefully you will also begin to get some help and will be able to make some changes that you will benefit from.